Purpose to life?

What is the purpose to life?  What is the purpose of anything?

 We are on a relatively small rock, hurdling through space.  We don't even know what space is, or where it starts or ends, or if that is even a question that can be asked about it. Saying we are small is an understatement. 

How can a small person, like you or I, make a difference?...Can you name every president? I cant, and don't know many who could.  The president is one of the most influential people in the world, yet their memory slowly lives on less and less.  I likely wont be as influential as a President in my life.  If I was, I still might not make a big enough impact.  So why do anything? 

If we want to survive as a species, we need to evolve into a multi-planet species. If we cant get along on this rock, we cant get along on another.  Separation  will do us no good.  To wall, or not to wall, should not be the question.  Why we would need a wall should be.       

Forget your ideas, your politics, your religions and beliefs.  Think as a unit.  Unite as #OneWorld.  

We are lifes purpose, because we are life.  We can work together better, by working better apart. Be Your Best YOU. Don't be the weak link that breaks the chain. Do your part. 

We are the GreatONEs.   We are the purpose. We are life. 



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