Our Story

The Original GONE Clothing!

The main idea of GONE was started in 2001 by Christopher J. deWerd.  Hand stitched, punk inspired, customized clothing.  After years of being a professional musician, Chris decided it was time to focus on Clothing.  Seeing all of the bands on the road, with their unique merch, was a true inspiration. This was the start of all we are today.   GONE does some of the best band merch to this day, if your in the right band ;)  but mainly focuses on its original GONE Clothing brand. 

GONE designs were produced for many years, but changed in 2012.  This was the year that GONE started printing in house.  GONE added stitching and embroidery in 2014, and started printing for others soon after.

Today, GONE works with some of the biggest names in music, and also the car scene and groups.  We sponsor and help with as many events as possible.  When you purchase something from GONE, you are helping support some really cool stuff with us!  Be as proud as we are to wear it. Your are helping support individuals that are doing their best at what they love.

If we cant make it ourselves, we hire the best to help us.  We partner with other people that do their best and follow their dreams.  Our products are all made and sourced in the best ways we possibly can.  We have personal relationships with all of the people we work with, and they are great at what they do.

GONE stands for "The GreatONEs" 

If we all do our best at what we love, the world will be a better place.  Help us Save. We are the Couture of the Counter Culture. 

Be your Best you, GreatONE.