NR Classic Hoodie (2023 Edition)
NR Classic Hoodie (2023 Edition)

NR Classic Hoodie (2023 Edition)

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The only way to make sure you get the color and size you want is to Pre-Order before September 27th.

All Pre-Orders come with a free Air Freshener!

The NYTE|RIDERS Classic Hoodie (2023 Edition) is here!

The Classic NR Logo hoodie, with 2 new limited run colors.. All White and Matte Gold.

The original Silver Edition of this hoodie is the most requested, so we are bringing it back for this ultra limited run. We wont make these colors again with this exact design. 

A twist on the Classic, with the "Family over Everything" on the front, the MN car parts design on the back.  Offered in 2 never before used colors and the small sleeve logo. 

Black fabric only for these very limited edition hoodies. We are using a premium hoodie and know you will love the fit and feel. Unisex/Mens sizing and true to size.

These are Pre-Sale and will start to ship October 20th.  If you choose to pick up in Rochester, there will be certain days and times to come.  We will notify you when your order is ready, and then we can arrange the pick up.  If you pick "Shipping" then you will get an email with tracking when it ships.